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Hi! I'm glad you managed to stop by here, this page is my chance to tell you a bit behind my blog, what it's about and more. I started my blog in 2014 with nothing but a bit of passion for beauty and an ever growing makeup collection. My intention was and still is to bring all things beauty to my readers. Whether it's a product review for one of the latest products that have launched or we're discussing some ideal shades for the winter, you can be sure to find it all on this blog! You will find that I do a bit of lifestyle here and there on the blog as well. To me, Coloursofarose is more than just a blog. I have invested a lot of my time and opinions into it therefore it is very important to me but I am still learning and I do get things wrong but is that not part of the process? So after reading all of this I hope you now understand the blog a bit better and I hope you enjoy all my posts.

Now let's get into more about myself, here is a few facts about me so you can get a general idea

  • I'm 19 years old
  • Living in London and always have
  • Bilingual
  • Eye shadow obsessed
  • Hair longer than I can measure
  • Passionate about languages, makeup and beauty!

Want to work with me?

If you are interested in working with me whether it be sponsored posts, guest posting, giveaways, advertising on the blog or collaborations then send an email to coloursofarose@gmail.com 

Social Media Statistics (As of September 2017):

Twitter Followers: 2185
Pinterest Followers: 1400
Bloglovin Followers: 193
Instagram Followers: 615
Total Followers: 4393
Page Views: 28,817

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