Saturday, 9 December 2017

5 New Things I did This Year

Now that we are drawing near to the end of the year, I thought this would be a good post to share some of my new ventures as well as hopefully inspire a few people to do something new. I am looking forward to the new year and all the new challenges that I can take on.

  1. I decided to take on the challenge of learning a new language. I love to learn languages,  I feel as though language learning is one of my strongest skills if not the strongest. So I chose to study Arabic, it has been such an amazing and enlightening experience as well as a challenging one. I am still only a beginner but with every day I am becoming more and more confident in my knowledge of the language and hope in the future to potentially do a few blog posts in Arabic 
  2. I returned to education and decided to start my first degree. Education is one of my biggest passions and since leaving college 2 years ago, I have deeply missed classroom learning. I am more than happy to be learning something that I am very interested in and enjoy studying.
  3. I decided to go bare faced a little more often. One of the biggest issues I have had up until now is my confidence in my face without no makeup, it has been a big struggle for me to accept and believe that I am beautiful without wearing any makeup. It has been amazing to feel comfortable to go out with no makeup nearly every day and not feel conscious of the way I look.
  4. I cut my hair - not by too much though! After a terrible experience with the hairdressers about nine years ago, it has been very hard to convince me to get my hair cut in fear that my hair will end up looking nowhere near where I wanted it to. Slowly but surely I am going to the hairdresser for trims more often haha
  5. Focused more on personal development. Personal development is very important and sometimes you need to take time out for yourself to help your growth. I wanted to help grow as a person so this year I spent a lot of time relaxing as well as learning things about myself. If you ever need a break, take it!

So those are a few of my favourite things that I did this year. I hope 2018 brings me soo many new challenges and I continue to excel in my personal growth. If you want to do something new then take the opportunity to do it whether that is blogging, a new job etc 

Let me know what new things you did this year in the comments down below.

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