Thursday, 21 April 2016

4 ways to beat Writer's Block

After writing my Blogging Techniques I really wanted to give some extra advice on something that I find happens pretty often to me - Writer's Block also known as 'Bloggers Block'. It is particularly frustrating when your a blogger especially when your under a deadline. It can be disheartening and lead to blogging breaks or even the abandonment of a blog so I have listed 4 ways which I use myself to get me writing.

1) Take a break and go back to it 

If you've been continuously focusing on something for too long then a break is definitely needed. You can clear your mind and get back to it when you feel inspired to write again. 

2) Brainstorming 

This has to be one of my favourite things to do when beginning a new blog post. I often find I have difficulty knowing where and what to begin with so I map it out on a piece of paper. I'll write down key points to make and link further information relevant to those key points. I'll draw arrows to reflect where each thing ties in so when I go to write my post I have a good idea of what I will write and how I will link it all in. 

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