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Blogging Techniques

Every day there are 100's of new blogs starting out but just how do you get your blog out there, provide good content and promote it? Maybe you are someone who's been blogging for a considerable amount of time but are needing some help. Me and LoveRosiee decided to collaborate on this post so we could bring you various tips/tricks as well as give you some advice to specific issues you may be having.

Blog Posts:

When you first start there are endless opportunities on what to write about, a good idea is to begin writing about what you feel most interested in because it will show through your writing and you will be able to connect with others who share you interest. This also allows you to get used to writing blog posts and develop your own style! Now after some time you may be hitting a blank every once in a while but don't worry! It happens a lot to many bloggers, the way that I deal with it is I have a little book that I write down as many ideas that I can think of. Write down anything and everything so you can get an idea of what your next post will be. If your struggling for ideas, I like to take inspiration for new posts through reading magazines, watching youtube videos etc..


Do not be startled by this word, visuals can be photographs, charts etc.. It is important to include them because they are eye-catching for a reader and quite often are the deciding factor as to whether someone will take interest and click on your post! Therefore it is important especially with photographs to take good quality ones and make sure they are not grainy or difficult to see. If your like me and you hating taking photos every day for stuff such as product reviews, favourites etc. then I suggest you take as many photos as you can in that day so you do not feel constantly bombarded with the task of taking photos and you have additional photos in case anything happens to the ones you were going to use originally.


Take advantage of your social media platforms! Utilise Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram and any other social media sites you are a part of to get your blog out there. Sharing your link will enable you to reach people, allow them to see your content and become a part of your audience. You can use Instagram to share a snippet of an upcoming post, Twitter to pin a blog post tweet to your profile so people will see it when they click on your Twitter account and Pinterest to organise/link all your blog posts into various boards with different categories so people can click on what interests them.

Connecting with the blogging community:

A lot of people ask me how I've formed relationships with other bloggers and to put it simply I get involved in many different events/opportunities such as Twitter chats, Blogger Hangout events and meet ups. I have met many lovely people through blogging and I am always learning something new through others. You can meet other bloggers through Twitter Chats which I think is a great way to both express your opinion and gain more insight on a variety of topics. If you need help finding one that you would like to get involved with then Dungarees & Donuts has made a very informative list with all the times and days when chats are on. The Bloggers Hangout has events throughout the year for bloggers to connect with both brands and other bloggers but you can also find many more meet-ups/events through chats on Twitter.

There you have it, those are a few of the ways you can help both you and your blog grow. Make sure you have checked out LoveRosiee's post as she has also got some pretty amazing tips and tricks in her post. I would love to know in what ways your blog has grown and whether you have some tips/tricks of your own to share. Be sure to let me know in the comments as I love to hear from you!

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