Monday, 30 November 2015

Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Review

Neutral eyeshadows always make for a beautiful and complimenting eye look not to mention they are extremely versatile and look lovely on anyone. I thought it would be great to take a further look at a popular and affordable eye shadow palette to see if it is worth it. The Nudes Palette has been talked about quite a bit with many highlighting that it has a good range of colours as well as being a good alternative to more expensive palettes.

Firstly, I like that this palette is quite small and therefore fits easily into my makeup bag or makeup storage drawers. On the other hand the plastic packaging makes it feel somewhat cheap and easy to break but then for £9.99 I would not expect anything near amazing. In terms of the price, I would say that it is reasonable considering the amount of shadows you get (12 to be exact!) but then you need to remember they are quite small and don't contain an enormous of product. 

Moving onto the most important thing about this palette - the shadows. There are a range of a few mattes but more shimmery shadows than anything else. In terms of pigmentation, I feel the majority of the shadows are considerably pigmented however a couple such as the first on the top row and second to last on the bottom row lack pigmentation and are probably only best used as an inner corner highlight. I would advise packing the shadow on to give a good build up of colour if your going for an intense eye as I find for some of them such as the black they are quite soft and don't apply as deep as they should. I don't experience much fallout or find that the colours transfer around my eye at all but I recommend you use a primer beforehand, I use the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eye Primer I would say it works well in conjunction with this palette. 

Now for the big question, is it worth it? I'm slightly torn due to the fact that whilst it is a great everyday palette with considerable pigmentation and an affordable price tag it also has it's flaws as any product does. In my opinion I think this product needs just a couple more gold tone shadows and more pigmentation especially in regards to the matte colours. However if your looking for something that has the basic structure of a nude palette, is affordable and something capable of creating an everyday look then this is the palette for you. Let me know in the comments below whether you own this palette and what your thoughts are on it. 

*I paid for the product shown with my own money. All opinions/thoughts are 100% honest and are my own.

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