Friday, 31 July 2015

Update: Blogging Breaks & Future Posts

I would just like to say it's such a joy to be back writing a post to you guys once again! I would like to apologise for my lack of posts and interaction with my social media accounts. I just want to clarify as to why I took a break from blogging for a little while. I felt as though I wasn't enjoying blogging as much as I did before and I no longer felt as motivated as I used to. In addition to this I had a bunch of posts written up ready to post in June that managed to get deleted which simply made me all the more frustrated and not in the mood to blog. 

Now moving onto the future I am glad to say that I will be way more consistent with my blog and I have a ton of exciting new posts to bring to you! I have re-ignited my flame for blogging and cannot wait to connect more with my readers and bring you better content! Posts from me will be more frequent so if you have any suggestions for future posts that you would absolutely love to see then please do comment, I would love to hear what you have to say!

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