Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Taking care of your skin is very important in order for it to be/look healthy. Simple steps can dramatically transform your skin into healthier looking skin. I prefer to use natural/organic products in order to avoid putting a lot of harsh chemicals on my skin. If your interested in natural/organic products you should definitely check out Lush who have anything and everything for you. I have extremely dry skin and it can be very difficult for me to find products that keep it in check and moisturised!

1) Exfoliate - Ocean Salt Scrub (Lush)

Exoliating helps to get rid of all the dirt clinging on for dear life on your skin! Often I tend to get a lot of dry flakes in the center of my forehead and on the tip of my nose. Since using this scrub I have found that the flakes hardly ever appear now. I like to use this all of my face and put it everywhere but not too close to my eyes/lips. Then I like to rub it in circular motions to deeply cleanse the skin. I like to leave it for a minute or so before I gently wash it off. Try not to exfoliate too much as it will do your skin more damage then good.

2) Cleanse - Fresh Farmacy (Lush)

After exfoliating I like to use a small chunk of this soap to cleanse the surface of my skin. I wet the soap so it glides on perfectly and like my exfoliator I like to rub this in circular motions for about a minute before leaving it for 3 minutes and then I wash it off. I love that this soap contains chamomile as my skin can get agitated by certain cleansers however this helps to calm it down and reduce the redness on my face. I prefer to use this rather than a mask because it is extremely lightweight and creamy! Once you have washed it off pat your skin lightly with a towel to dry it rather than rub.

3) Moisturize - Dr Jart+ Relief Vita Drop  (Dr Jart)

My final step is to moisturize which for those prone to dryness or have dry skin themselves is probably the most important step. It is important for you to moisturize your skin as it will prevent your pores from taking in more dirt and stops your face from becoming even more dried out. This moisturizer comes out like a gel however when applied it feels slightly like a primer but deeply moisturizes my skin. It makes it feel silky smooth and I cannot feel any dry patches on my face. It certainly revitalizes the skin!

That is how I keep my skin in check! What do you do to keep your skin in check? Do you use any of the products above? If so what do you think of them? Once again thank you for reading this post and I hope you have a very lovely day!

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