Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Makeup Revolution Scandalous Lipstick Review

Recently I have been wanting to go out of my comfort zone with the types of lipsticks I wear! I did not want to spend too much on a lipstick that I could potentially never wear so I checked out Makeup Revolution as they are an amazing and affordable brand that I have brought products from previously . Although I have never brought lipsticks from them so I was not sure what to expect! Whilst browsing I came across these unusual yet intriguing shades! The shades I decided to buy were called 'Depraved' and 'Immoral'. '

'Depraved' is the exact representation of my thought when I think of purple, it is not a dark purple but neither is it a light purple. It is just perfectly between and goes on pretty sheer although you can build it up to the level shown in the photo with a few swipes! 'Immoral' is has slightly more pigmentation although it is still considerably sheer however as with 'Depraved' you can build it up to the swatch as shown! I think it is the perfect baby blue! 

I am aware that there are other shades in the Scandalous range however they do not reach out to me as much as the ones that I purchased. For £1 they are pretty impressive and no doubt will I be purchasing other lipsticks from Makeup Revolution. These are perfect if your a bold person or you just want to reach out of your comfort zone! What do you think of Makeup Revolution? What other products would you like to see reviewed? Let me know what you think!  Follow me on Twitter/Instagram for updates! 

Want to check out the lipsticks yourself or browse Makeup Revolution's products? 

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