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Memebox Princess Edition #5 Tinkerbell Review

I'm back with another post! This time I'm reviewing my first ever Memebox! I have been hearing soo much about the infamous Memeboxes that I just had to try one. Memebox is an online Korean beauty retailer, it's website features a shop where you can buy products not easily available in other parts of the World such as the Uk. As well as this Memebox offers you the chance to buy boxes from their website which contain 4-7 Korean beauty products. The prices of these boxes range anything from $19-29 and shipping is $6.99 for standard (Which can take up to 20 days) or $18.99 (Which takes up to 7 days). This box in particular was $29.99. Each Memebox has it's own theme such as this one being Tinkerbell. I believe it took 18 days for it to reach me here in the UK. Although it was worth the wait.

The contents:

1) Body-net Clavi-S Cream (Full-size) $8
A body cream made from a blend of delicately sophisticated and enchanting ivory & gold pearls. Apply it over your neck/collarbone area like Korean actresses do to glamorize their dress-look on the red carpet. The cabbage rose water and allantoin formula leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and firm as well. 
This cream when applied gives a beautiful luminous finish to the skin, like a summer glow that catches the light beautifully. I think personally for me I would not wear this everyday as I think it would be a too much for an everyday look however wearing this on a night out would highlight your skin perfectly! You can apply it by massaging it into your neck/collarbone

2) RiRe Pigment in 'Peach Peach'  (Full Size) $12
Add instant color sophistication and light-catching shimmer to any makeup look by layering RiRe Pigment on top of contrasting eye shadow colors to create a unique multidimensional effect or use it alone for shimmering elegance.
Funnily enough I did not want this color but rather the other one 'Gold Clutch' as it looked more wearable however after swatching it on my hand I realized I could really pull it off regardless. Taking a small bit of it and rubbing it thoroughly provides a beautiful peach shimmer.

3) Vivito Blues Shiny Primer (Full Size) $34
A shimmering fluid primer perfect for smoothing out uneven skin texture and adding that extra gleaming radiance to the complexion. Coat a thin veil of fine pearls and velvety softness to prep the skin and boost makeup adherence as well.
I haven't had a chance to try this with my foundation yet however when applied to the skin it is a pale blue color that disappears into a colorless dewy base

4) Revecen Moisture Shine Lip Gloss in 'Sandy Beige' (Full Size) $16
Enriched with olive oil, this Moisture Shine Lip Gloss in glittering white and beige creates a colorless yet delicately glittering an plump lips while leaving lips  super moist and supple without being sticky at all.
Yet again this was another product where I had hoped I would get another shade. However I have found find myself liking this one more and more. I find it is quite sticky and have found my hairs clinging on to my lips for dear life quite often. Despite this it is a wonderful shade and fits any everyday look

5) Tonymoly Crystal Tear Glitter Eyeliner in 'White' (Full Size) $7
Add extra sparkling glitters just under your eyes (which we call 'tear line' in Korea) to create a sophisticated yet dewy eye makeup. Tonymoly's Crystal Tear Glitter Eyeliner comes in a pearl white and contains panthenol complex for moisturizing an conditioning both your lashes and skin.
The glitter in this is quite big however not too overwhelming. I have been looking for a perfect glitter liner and I think this is it! It is also very long-lasting and does not budge easily.

6) Mizon Oh! Shy Glow On Shimmer Light (Full size) $14
A radiance-boosting liquid highlight in a natural peach coral shade. Oh! Shy Glow On Shimmer Light easily blend onto face for a naturally glowing and shimmery skin!
I feel as though this product is quite similar to High Beam and so a cheaper alternative. It is more on the glittery side so maybe not for an everyday wear but all the same it is still a decent product.

I know quite a feel people were expecting this box to filled with Tinkerbell themed items or be on glitter side more and so some were disappointed, but I think this box showcases a rather good display of products that help to give a luminous look. For me this was a perfect first box and I am happy to say I am not disappointed by any of the items. I have 2 more boxes on the way so I will be doing reviews of them when they come. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Total Value: $91

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*I was not sent this box for free. I was not sponsored by Memebox. All opinions are my own.

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