Saturday, 27 December 2014

December Favourites:

Benefit High Beam:

I received as sample of this in my December Birchbox and I just can't get enough of it since! It gives such a subtle yet beautiful highlight which is perfect for those days when i'm looking a little dull. It takes little-to-no time to apply and blend which is great for those weekdays when i'm constantly on the move. I only need a tiny amount to make a big impact which means the sample size will last me quite a while! This is available from Benefit and other places such as Debenhams and Birchbox

Montezuma's Organic Chocolate:

I don't think I need to give much reasoning on this since it is chocolate after all but well it is just too good and so if your wondering where it is in the photo I ate it! I love that is Organic and you can really tell the difference between this brand and other brands. You really need to try their White Chocolate bar it is delectable! It has surely replaced Green & Blacks as my new favorite brand!

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist in 'Coconut Passion':

Coconut has to be one of my most favorite scents. I particularly love Sweet and Tropical scents and this fits in perfectly. It was only £13 for a 250ml bottle which is great as it will definitely last quite a while. The packaging of itself is also quite enticing and sophisticated. This is the first of many Victoria's Secret fragrances to come and I can already see myself looking to purchase the rest of the products in this scent!!

Vivito Dessin Solution Lip and Eye Remover:

I prefer to use makeup wipes in general when removing makeup simply because I am lazy and I know that using solutions takes much more longer to remove it. However when I use this product it literally only takes two swipes and then everything is gone! I used to use Micellar water but it literally took ages and so if your looking for a great makeup remover then this is it! Perfect for when you just want to go sleep but you need to remove your makeup.

Mac Lipstick in 'Snob':

A lovely pink lipstick which some may refer to as a barbie pink but I don't think so. It might come off as quite intimidating and unwearable for some but when applied it is much more bearable and becomes slightly darker. I like that it isn't a in-your-face lipstick but its also not your 'typical' one either. If your fair-skinned like me this will work with you!

Fair Squared Lip Balm in 'Vegan Spearmint':

I'm not even over-exaggerating when I say this has got to be the best lip balm I have ever tried! I use this before I go to bed and simply whenever I have dry lips but I don't have to worry about reapplying it because it is long-lasting. This product has all natural ingredients which is obviously a great thing as you aren't putting harmful chemicals. The smell of it as well is just so fresh and  it just makes me feel all the more cleaner, If you are wondering where I got this from I got it from the LoveLula box that I received in December but I know it is available on the LoveLula website.

Thank your for reading and I hope you have an amazing day! Let me know what your favourites are and what your loving this month! If there is anything you would like to see me review or blog about then contact me via email -


  1. I have been looking at Snob for a while and I'm not sure I could pull it off! I'm awful at picking pink/nude shades for myself - why can't it be as easy as picking a red!?

    Rachael at

    1. I feel like this all the time but I think its about how much of the color you apply. I think you could definitely pull it off and if you felt slightly out of your comfort one then lightly dab it onto your lips!x

  2. I've been looking for a good balm and I feel like you might have come across one I'd like to try! I've never heard of LoveLula but I'm off to check it out.


    1. Believe me, it is definitely worth a look! I think their price is reasonable too!


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