Saturday, 27 December 2014

December Favourites:

Benefit High Beam:

I received as sample of this in my December Birchbox and I just can't get enough of it since! It gives such a subtle yet beautiful highlight which is perfect for those days when i'm looking a little dull. It takes little-to-no time to apply and blend which is great for those weekdays when i'm constantly on the move. I only need a tiny amount to make a big impact which means the sample size will last me quite a while! This is available from Benefit and other places such as Debenhams and Birchbox

Montezuma's Organic Chocolate:

I don't think I need to give much reasoning on this since it is chocolate after all but well it is just too good and so if your wondering where it is in the photo I ate it! I love that is Organic and you can really tell the difference between this brand and other brands. You really need to try their White Chocolate bar it is delectable! It has surely replaced Green & Blacks as my new favorite brand!

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist in 'Coconut Passion':

Coconut has to be one of my most favorite scents. I particularly love Sweet and Tropical scents and this fits in perfectly. It was only £13 for a 250ml bottle which is great as it will definitely last quite a while. The packaging of itself is also quite enticing and sophisticated. This is the first of many Victoria's Secret fragrances to come and I can already see myself looking to purchase the rest of the products in this scent!!

Vivito Dessin Solution Lip and Eye Remover:

I prefer to use makeup wipes in general when removing makeup simply because I am lazy and I know that using solutions takes much more longer to remove it. However when I use this product it literally only takes two swipes and then everything is gone! I used to use Micellar water but it literally took ages and so if your looking for a great makeup remover then this is it! Perfect for when you just want to go sleep but you need to remove your makeup.

Mac Lipstick in 'Snob':

A lovely pink lipstick which some may refer to as a barbie pink but I don't think so. It might come off as quite intimidating and unwearable for some but when applied it is much more bearable and becomes slightly darker. I like that it isn't a in-your-face lipstick but its also not your 'typical' one either. If your fair-skinned like me this will work with you!

Fair Squared Lip Balm in 'Vegan Spearmint':

I'm not even over-exaggerating when I say this has got to be the best lip balm I have ever tried! I use this before I go to bed and simply whenever I have dry lips but I don't have to worry about reapplying it because it is long-lasting. This product has all natural ingredients which is obviously a great thing as you aren't putting harmful chemicals. The smell of it as well is just so fresh and  it just makes me feel all the more cleaner, If you are wondering where I got this from I got it from the LoveLula box that I received in December but I know it is available on the LoveLula website.

Thank your for reading and I hope you have an amazing day! Let me know what your favourites are and what your loving this month! If there is anything you would like to see me review or blog about then contact me via email -

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Product Review: Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 Eyeshadow Palette

Last week I went to Superdrug to buy presents and I noticed this palette by Makeup Revolution. I'm not exactly familiar with their products so when buying this I didn't really know what to expect although considering that the price of the palette was £4 I didn't expect amazing pigmentation/quality.

Let's start with the packaging, it is quite flimsy and does not come with a mirror but there is quite a bit of each color within the palette. For the first four colors I wouldn't say the pigmentation is mind-blowing but it isn't disappointing either, the rest of the colors however are absolutely lovely and I had not trouble with the pigmentation. The black especially picked up very well. I would say when you use primer with these eye shadows they last up to 6-7 hours but without it they last at least 3 hours. 

I think for the price of this palette it doesn't disappoint and it is certainly a palette which contains versatile shades to create a variety of looks! In addition to this I have noticed this palette bears a striking resemblance to the Naked 2 Palette which I am sure many bloggers have already picked up on. So if you are looking for a dupe to that palette or you just can't bring yourself to pay £37 for the palette then the Iconic 2 Palette is definitely an option. In addition to this I think this would be a great Christmas present for someone who is just getting into makeup or someone who likes Urban Decay eye shadows. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day! If you have any requests for reviews, blog posts etc... Then please do comment as I would be more than happy to help you. 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Memebox Superbox #79 Oh! My Lips Review

Yes it's another Memebox review and this time its the Oh! My Lips box. This was the first box I ordered from Memebox and then I became slightly addicted and ordered  other ones such as the Tinkerbell box that were shipping sooner to keep me calm during my wait for this box. Recently I have started to get more into lip products and so I thought this box was perfect for that. The price of this box was $23 + shipping which ended up being $29 but there is code down below that will get you $3 off any box you would like.

The contents:

  • 1) Vivito Painting Sweet Lip Balm in '02 Berry Farm' 12g (Full size) $24 - 'This chubby jelly-textured tinted lip balm gives rich moisture and nutrition for dry lips. With a refreshing blend of blackberry, orange peel, grape, cacao seed butter, and more natural ingredients, this cute jelly balm will be the answer to winter's lip care concerns. It also comes in a cute tin case for on-the-go care!' 
The shade of this lip balm is really beautiful red. Perfect for an added touch when your on the go or if you want to add some color to your lips. The tin in which it comes in is quite sleek looking and I love that the scent of the lip balm is unbelievably sweet. It makes me want to eat it!
  • 2) Lassie'el Kiss Me! Glam Up! Lipstick includes Lucid Orange, Lovely Pink, Oriental Red, Natural Coral, Vintage Pink, Creamy Nude (Full size) $6 - 'These are not one-time, disposable lip tattoos. They are real pigmented lipsticks packaged into these easy-to-carry lip cards, providing you with 6 different color options to choose from according to your mood, day and occasion!'
I like that we have been 6 shades so there is a variety to choose from depending on how you feel. Although I think I would of preferred a normal lipstick simply because I feel like the application of it might be slightly awkward but I know I will definitely be using 3 out of 6 shades in this pack.
  • 3) SR Lip Scrub 30ml (Full size) $12 - 'Exfoliate away dead skin cells and deeply soothe and hydrate dry, chapped lips with SR's Lip Scrub enriched with a blend of argan oil, tocopherol, Vitamin E, snail filtrate and pearl extracts. The gentle micro-beads soften and smoothen out roughened lips for suppler, kissable pout!'
I used to use the lip scrub from Lush but I ran out of it ages ago because I kept eating/licking it (I have a habit). I'm hoping this lip scrub can replace it and also suppress my tendency to lick my lips at the same time. With its gentle micro-beads it should be able to get rid of all those flakes.
  • 4) Vivito Dessin Solution Lip & Eye Remover 100ml (Full size) $32 - 'A double-layered Lip & Eye Remover that effectively melts away stubborn point makeup and skin impurities around sensitive eye contours and lips. Make sure to shake the upper and lower layers well together before application. Its gentle blend of lemon grass oil and rosehip oil has soothing and moisturizing effects as well.' 
Not an item I was expecting to be in this box but at least it is a practical item. The amount of times my lipstick just does not want to come off  and literally sits on my skin for what feels like forever. This solution made removing my makeup so much more quicker and a less stressful process. 
  • 5) Rosemine Vitamin E Lip Balm Mint Tea 12g (Full size) $7 - 'Scented with a refreshingly minty, herbal fragrance, this Vitamin E Lip Balm is richly formulated from a blend of vitamin E, ceramide, peppermint extracts and 5 different kinds of moisturizing essential oil. It coats over dry, chapped lips with a moisture layer to lock in the moisture and to protect against external damage or dehydration' 
The design of this lip balm is absolutely adorable! Too cute! As I have said soo many times now Winter season is where your lips go through all kinds of stages. This lip balm helps keeps my lips moisturized and soft for up to 3 hours. 

I think the Oh! My Lips box was great although I think maybe we could of had one more product as I felt a tad bit empty. However all products are full-size and I like that I haven't received any foil type packets! I think we could of also done with more lipsticks since it is a lip box. Although all the products were practical and will help keep my lips in perfect condition. I also would like to stated I received no custom charges on this box and it came after 7 days regardless of the fact that I had picked standard shipping. If you haven't checked out Memebox then do so! There may just be a box for you! Thank you for reading and I hope you have an amazing day!

$3 OFF CODE - GD419

Memebox -

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*I am not sponsored by Memebox. I paid for everything with my own money. All opinions are my own. 

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Birchbox December 2014 Review (AMAZING BOX)

Hello everyone!
I'm here to rave about the December Birchbox which I think is simply amazing! It features an impressive line up of both well-known brands and perfect products for the Festive season! This month I received 6 products (2 of which are full-size!) and a lifestyle extra which is perfect for when I am out and about. The design of this months box is also eye-catching! If you are unaware as to what Birchbox is, it is a subscription service where you pay £12.95 monthly or you can choose between a 6-month subscription/yearly subscription. Each Birchbox usually contains 5 deluxe beauty samples (Although sometimes there is a full-size)  and a lifestyle extra.
In addition to this they also have a shop where you can buy any products you have received and would like to try in their shop. They also have a reward scheme where you get 5 points (50p) per survey you complete, there is generally 7 surveys per month and so it doesn't take long before you can use your points in the shop. I have a code and a referral link which will be listed below where you can get £5 off this months Birchbox as well as an extra 50 points(£5) when you subscribe.


The contents of my Birchbox:

  • Ilsci Organics Gel Mask in 'Grape Stem Cell' (Sample size) Full size is £39.95 
I love that this Gel Mask is plant-based and so it is quite soothing when applied on the skin. I have use this in the evening before I go sleep, I like to apply it all around and let it sit in order for to dry then I like to wash it off. I also quite like the scent of this mask. 

  • Electric Hair Electric Hydrate Shampoo (Sample size) Full size is £17.50
I haven't had a chance to try this yet although as of recent I have been suffering with very dry hair and my hair has been looking very limp so this should be great for restoring it back to its natural glory. This shampoo is perfect for those cold winter nights. 
  • Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in 'Smoke' (Full size and Birchbox exclusive) £8
Eyeko is a brilliant brand for eye products. I have previously tested eye makeup remover wipes and I absolutely loved them. This eye stick is perfect for when you are in a rush, simply glide it over the eyes to give an edge to your look. Another great thing about this product is that when it is applied it is not too intense so that you can't blend it in or you have to much product on your eye, it is very easy to use and this will remain in my makeup bag for when I am in a hurry. 
  • Benefit Christmas Cracker which contains High Beam (Sample size) Full size is £19.50
I love High Beam and so getting this sample only made me love Birchbox even more! High beam provides a beautiful luminous glow to your face which is great for winter as your skin tends to lack that natural radiance it normally has. This covers all of that and keeps your skin looking amazing all year round! You can never go wrong with a bit of High Beam!
  • Models Own Nail Polish in 'Amethyst' (Full size) £5
You got to choose the color of this polish if you were a Birchbox subscriber. I choose Amethyst and I am glad I did. I quite like the color and I also like that the glitter within it isn't too obnoxious. It provides a Matte finish which is different from other glitter nail polishes. 
  • Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil (Sample size) Full size is £16.50 
Let me start off by saying I like that this product is organic which is certainly an attractive aspect in my book. What is even better is that it hydrates dry patches which we all get during this time of the year and with it being organic I have no worries about it damaging my skin.
  • Sophia Webster Purse (Lifestyle extra and Birchbox exclusive) £10 
Sophia Webster also designed this months stunning Birchbox. This purse is great for storing pennies on the go or keeping small makeup essentials. Its cute design is also another positive!

As I have stated I love this months Birchbox and in my opinion I think this has been the best of all the beauty boxes I have received this month. I think Birchbox has perfectly captured the Festive/Winter season and I am looking forward to future Birchboxes. As previously stated there is a link and a code above the contents of the box should you wish to sign up. Once again thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day. Thank you!

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* I did not receive this box for free. I paid for everything with my own money. All opinions stated are my own. 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Why I think the December Glossybox is disappointing!

I'm here with a review for the December Glossybox which sadly to say is my worst one yet. I have been considering for the past 2 months cancelling Glossybox as I have noticed the products in the past 2 months have not been exciting for me at all and that I seem to find that I only like maybe 1 or 2 of the products in the entire box which for me says something! I feel as though this months box could of been much more better especially considering that it was the Christmas box.

The contents:
  • Bellapierre Cosmetics Cheek & Lip Stain in 'Coral'  (Full Size) £12.99
We received a spoiler for this box in our November boxes. I think the shade I received was what generated some dislike to this product, I think maybe if I had received another shade I would of felt more accustomed to this product. This is probably something I won't ever use.

  • Anatomicals Zap! Zap! Zap! Gets That Chap. Day and Night Spot Stick (Full Size) £3.79
I'm not a fan at all of Anatomicals, their products seem to bring out various spots and what not on my face. In all honesty for £3.79 I don't expect this to do anything really, seems to me to be a bit too cheap for it to provide any real difference to the face. 

  • TREsemme Renewal Hair and Scalp Nourish & Renew Tonic (Full Size) £5.50
An affordable brand, this product to me is probably one of only 2 things I like within this box. Although I am slightly skeptical to using it as I don't normally use anything for my hair however I will see how this product goes and actually see if it makes a difference.

  • SkinPep Hydra Boost - Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum (Sample Size) £24.99 for 70ml 
The only sample size within this box. I think what has annoyed me most is that when filling in the product surveys I clearly stated I did not want to receive anything more from this brand but yet here it is within my box. This will be passed on to my mum who will make some better use of it. 

  • Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in 'Do you speak love?' (Full size) £2.36

The only other thing I somewhat like in this box. The deep cranberry shade in which this Nail Polish came in is very wearable for this season. It claims to have a gel-shine finish which I didn't really notice but I will be sporting this shade once I take my current one off. 

Regardless of there being 2 products I like, there are 3 I do not and won't ever use. I strongly believe this month was a huge letdown and was not worth the price (£13.25). This month could of been a really great month as it was the Christmas box and so they could of also included a little sweet treat as well. In addition to this I think the brands in this month were considerably cheap brands that are easily accessible for many of us. I would of preferred to have either gotten at least one high-end product considering it is Christmas or brands that are less accessible. It would of been great if the amazing box in which it came in had matched the products! In comparison with other boxes this month, this box really falls short of expectations. Currently I am debating as to whether I should continue my subscription... I will let you know in a future post my decision! Once again thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day! I appreciate all comments and should you want me to blog about anything in particular just drop me a little comment!


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*I did not receive this box for me. I paid for everything with my own money. All opinions stated are my own                                                                                                                  

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Memebox Princess Edition #5 Tinkerbell Review

I'm back with another post! This time I'm reviewing my first ever Memebox! I have been hearing soo much about the infamous Memeboxes that I just had to try one. Memebox is an online Korean beauty retailer, it's website features a shop where you can buy products not easily available in other parts of the World such as the Uk. As well as this Memebox offers you the chance to buy boxes from their website which contain 4-7 Korean beauty products. The prices of these boxes range anything from $19-29 and shipping is $6.99 for standard (Which can take up to 20 days) or $18.99 (Which takes up to 7 days). This box in particular was $29.99. Each Memebox has it's own theme such as this one being Tinkerbell. I believe it took 18 days for it to reach me here in the UK. Although it was worth the wait.

The contents:

1) Body-net Clavi-S Cream (Full-size) $8
A body cream made from a blend of delicately sophisticated and enchanting ivory & gold pearls. Apply it over your neck/collarbone area like Korean actresses do to glamorize their dress-look on the red carpet. The cabbage rose water and allantoin formula leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and firm as well. 
This cream when applied gives a beautiful luminous finish to the skin, like a summer glow that catches the light beautifully. I think personally for me I would not wear this everyday as I think it would be a too much for an everyday look however wearing this on a night out would highlight your skin perfectly! You can apply it by massaging it into your neck/collarbone

2) RiRe Pigment in 'Peach Peach'  (Full Size) $12
Add instant color sophistication and light-catching shimmer to any makeup look by layering RiRe Pigment on top of contrasting eye shadow colors to create a unique multidimensional effect or use it alone for shimmering elegance.
Funnily enough I did not want this color but rather the other one 'Gold Clutch' as it looked more wearable however after swatching it on my hand I realized I could really pull it off regardless. Taking a small bit of it and rubbing it thoroughly provides a beautiful peach shimmer.

3) Vivito Blues Shiny Primer (Full Size) $34
A shimmering fluid primer perfect for smoothing out uneven skin texture and adding that extra gleaming radiance to the complexion. Coat a thin veil of fine pearls and velvety softness to prep the skin and boost makeup adherence as well.
I haven't had a chance to try this with my foundation yet however when applied to the skin it is a pale blue color that disappears into a colorless dewy base

4) Revecen Moisture Shine Lip Gloss in 'Sandy Beige' (Full Size) $16
Enriched with olive oil, this Moisture Shine Lip Gloss in glittering white and beige creates a colorless yet delicately glittering an plump lips while leaving lips  super moist and supple without being sticky at all.
Yet again this was another product where I had hoped I would get another shade. However I have found find myself liking this one more and more. I find it is quite sticky and have found my hairs clinging on to my lips for dear life quite often. Despite this it is a wonderful shade and fits any everyday look

5) Tonymoly Crystal Tear Glitter Eyeliner in 'White' (Full Size) $7
Add extra sparkling glitters just under your eyes (which we call 'tear line' in Korea) to create a sophisticated yet dewy eye makeup. Tonymoly's Crystal Tear Glitter Eyeliner comes in a pearl white and contains panthenol complex for moisturizing an conditioning both your lashes and skin.
The glitter in this is quite big however not too overwhelming. I have been looking for a perfect glitter liner and I think this is it! It is also very long-lasting and does not budge easily.

6) Mizon Oh! Shy Glow On Shimmer Light (Full size) $14
A radiance-boosting liquid highlight in a natural peach coral shade. Oh! Shy Glow On Shimmer Light easily blend onto face for a naturally glowing and shimmery skin!
I feel as though this product is quite similar to High Beam and so a cheaper alternative. It is more on the glittery side so maybe not for an everyday wear but all the same it is still a decent product.

I know quite a feel people were expecting this box to filled with Tinkerbell themed items or be on glitter side more and so some were disappointed, but I think this box showcases a rather good display of products that help to give a luminous look. For me this was a perfect first box and I am happy to say I am not disappointed by any of the items. I have 2 more boxes on the way so I will be doing reviews of them when they come. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Total Value: $91

Check out Memebox! Browse their current boxes or check out their online store. Sign up to get 2 memepoints ($2 off)

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*I was not sent this box for free. I was not sponsored by Memebox. All opinions are my own.

Pink Parcel Review

Today I will be reviewing this amazing monthly subscription company called Pink Parcel, unlike other subscription companies this one is for that time of the month! It's designed so that it makes that time of the month all the more bearable They send you a huge amount of period supplies as well as some treats such as chocolate, tea and beauty products in a cute discrete box. How amazing is that?! What is great is that you have the option of choosing between pads or tampons in order for it to be more tailored to your needs. As well as this Pink Parcel have a Teen Parcel for those who are younger which has more age-suited products within it. Should you want to subscribe, your first month is always £5.95 and after that it is £9.99 per month, the price always includes delivery and I believe they come relatively quick.

The For Now bag contains 5 tampons and both For Later boxes contain a total of 10 tampons each. All in all you receive 25 tampons. I quite like the For Now bag as it is good way to carry around your supplies and easy to pop into your bag. As well as this it is quite discrete

The For You box  contains a mixture of treats. I received a Teapigs Chocolate Flake teabag (I love these as they are a breath of fresh air from your normal tea, a Doisy and Dam chocolate bar in Goji and Orange (Perfect for those moments when you feel like nibbling something), an Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (Great for when you skin may feel dry), 2 boxes of Eldora Lashes (Good for the festive season), RoC Multi Anti-age Moisturiser (A helpful product for those cold winter nights) and Gluco Tabs in Juicy Raspberry (For a burst of glucose when you need it)

Overall I think the concept of this box is great and I think the value of the box overcomes the price of it. This box is perfect for those who need a boost when that time of the month of the month comes as well as those who may not want to go to buy period supplies or feel embarrassed about it or even those who forget to go to the shop at all which I know is common for some. Also if you are worried about what it says on it's delivery packaging, it says nothing as to what the actual parcel is. I would like to thank Pink Parcel very much for sending this box for me to review as it has introduced me to a unique company. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!

Check Pink Parcel out and be sure to check out their social media networks!

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*I was sent this box for free. Regardless all opinions are honest and are my own.

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