Saturday, 25 October 2014

Quirk Nail Polish Review!

'Send him to Belize' and 'Peace is free'

About a month ago I received two Quirk nail polishes after entering a competition that I completely forgot about, it was my first ever win and I am glad to say I won something I actually like! When I received the two nail polishes I was smitten to say the least! The colours were beautiful and the names of the polishes were unique to say the least! The colors I got were 'Send him to Belize' and 'Peace is free'. Both nail polishes were 10ml.

'Send him to Belize'

The one that stuck out to me most in all honestly was 'Send him to Belize'. I have to admit my favorite out of the two. What a beautiful bronze gold color! To me I would most likely use it on top of another similar bronze colour to stand out instead of putting it straight on my bare nails as I feel it may not be enough to cover my whole nail. Normally I like to put a glitter colour on my ring finger only to stand out and add a unique twist to my polished nails.

'Peace is free'

The other colour I received was 'Peace is free'. 'Peace is free' is a nice colour to lay on top of a purple/blue colour to add a change to your nails. Inside of the nail polish there are confetti like pieces in a array of blue/purple/pink. It also has a slight pinkish tint to it almost like a french manicure and so it would be nice to use this polish for tips to separate myself from the traditional french manicure. Please o not mind my terrible swatch of the colour.

As always thank you very much for reading my review on Quirk Nail Polishes, please check back often for more reviews on other products!


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