Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Study tips for school!

Back to school!

Seeing as it is back-to-school season I feel it appropriate to help give some advice to those for the year ahead, in particular GCSE students. I know teachers always go on forever about the importance of study and it just seems so over-exaggerated but in all honesty they are right. I have been in situations where I have and where I have not studied and I can honestly say the outcomes are very different. 

Let me give you an example, when I was in year 10 I really did not see any point whatsoever in revising to me it just seemed like soo much more stress added to my life. All I wanted to do was go home and simply play sims 3 or maybe sleep not study! I would look at those who truly committed themselves to their work and think I simply cannot do that. As in all situations there was consequences and these were more than obvious when I received my year 10 mock results. I was expected B's and C's yet when I looked on my results I simply saw D's and C's, that's when I realized I needed to put in more effort.

So the day I started year 11 bit by bit I slowly worked towards studying regularly and it truthfully did help. My time and effort paid off as in my December mock results(6 months after my year 10 ones) I managed to get A's and B's in subjects I didn't think possible such as Science and Maths.

Tips I have found more than useful:

  • Get folders for each subject, buy dividers to separate topics so when it comes to going over things you know where to look!
  • Try not to sit next to anyone unless you have a good level of self restraint! This was a big one for me as when it came to studying and in particular exams I would find myself talking to pretty much anyone who would listen which in turn stop me from progressing further.
  • On exam days stay away from people who stress/worry! As well as people who ask you "Have you done this/that?" It only worries you and makes you forget about other things you are trying to remember
  • Colour code topics 
  • Use post-it notes to summarize long sentences/paragraphs
  • Make a revision timetable at least 2 months before! That is when you will start hardcore studying but try as much as possible to learn new things each day!
  • Read a lot of books relevant to your subjects! It really helps develop your understanding and also your English Language skills!
  • Never put more work on yourself than you can do! It stresses you more and will lead to a cycle of you rushing everything!
  • Set yourself rewards for studying! 
  • Make sure study time is productive! Remember its quality over quantity! 
  • Go to your teachers should you ever feel you don't understand something! Don't let pride get in the way!
  • In regards to English Literature buy tiny little post it notes and stick on the pages where you need to remember quotes from (Do this about a month before in order to give time to remember quotes) 
  • Set yourself realistic targets and stay motivated! Think about what you would like to see on your results on results day
Should you want any advice/help feel free to contact me using the box on the side! Helping people is a pleasure never a chore!

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